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Monday, August 22, 2011

CLOSED -Glass Dharma - Glass Straws - REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

UPDATE - Winner of Giveaway is

On my quest to become a more eco-friendly person I stumbled up on a company that makes glass straws. These aren't just any glass straws, but the original glass straws. Once I gave more thought about how many straws I use in a single week it hit me hard realizing that the use of plastic straws was not helping my quest to be more eco-friendly.  After changing over to using stainless steel water bottles and travel coffee mugs I was still finding myself putting plastic straw in my cups. Every day I would grab a new one to put into my cup, trust me day after day the pile of plastic straws would add up. Now comes into play Glass Dharma and their wonderful awesomely amazingly made glass straws. What a terrific idea these straws are and they eliminate my use of more plastic, plastic I have been trying to rid from my life for a while now. Also, their straws are all made in the USA, I love nothing more than to support a US made product and also to help assist me on my main quest of being more eco-friendly!
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