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Tuesday, December 6, 2011 $5 Member Appreciation Event Ends 12/8

Starting today December 6th until midnight on December 8th is giving every single saver a $5 credit to use on Saves! This means all of you members will have the $5 credit in your account (which you can use for online, local, or travel Saves) and all of you who have not signed up yet will receive the credit when you create an account. So get down to it and SAVE! With's Member Appreciation Event. You have until Dec 8th to use your $5 Save!

Some current Saves you can purchase right now are:

Friday, November 4, 2011

EverSave Teeth Whitening Save

If you haven't heard of maybe you should check them out. They are a site that offers products, items, and services at a deep discounted price. I have had previous experience with Eversave and have loved every single item I have gotten through them.. up to an including an iLuv Pink Bluetooth Headseat (which matches my new iPhone 4 quite well) for $22. If you are not a member you can join here and can receive a $3 Save Credit on your first purchase! Check now to see if the city you live in or near is on the list of local saves!

$32 for a $133 value from Pro White Teeth. This is a saving of 76%!! The save is good until 11:59pm November 13, 2001. If you'd like to check out this save or any other saves that are currently running you can do so through this link!

This post is part of Eversave's affiliate program. I will receive a commission from every purchase made through any link and/or save I post
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