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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Wedding - Jason & Tracy

This is my cousin Jason, he is my Mother's Youngest sister's oldest son. Him and I grew up together and we were more like brother and sister than like cousins. Yesterday, September 4th, Jason got married. I was conflicted by this wedding on whether or not to even go. I wanted to go, but then didn't want to go. See Jason's now wife, Tracy, and I used to be close also and something that I'm not even too sure on happened and she turned on me. Turned on me by telling everyone who asked why I wasn't at their parties that she wished I was dead and could F off. Yes, she said it numerous times. Hearing a rumor from one person you go hmmm and question it, but hearing the same thing from five different people who each hadn't known I talked to the other well now that is believable. I never knew what this was all about and when I questioned what is all this mess about Tracy ran and told my cousin that I attacked her in front of her family on her Facebook wall... ahhh no I sent her a private email and asked her. This was not an isolated incident, she has done this to others around Jason as well. But this put a wedge between me and my cousin for the last few years, a cousin I was so close to. So the day he told me he got engaged I didn't act happy or surprised, I just didn't know what to say. What do you say?

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Snow Blower Incident

What was supposed to be a weekend of fun activities with friends from High School turned into a nightmare of a drama scene with a family member. Big families surely have their issues, but why does it seem mine has more than average.  My Mom is the second youngest of seven, there are six girls and one boy.. there are 6 of them still alive. I lost an Aunt back in the early 70's (before I was even born) to a car accident. I was always told growing up I looked like no one in my Mom's family, but after seeing pictures of my deceased Aunt I never met I looked just like her! If you are on my Facebook personal page I'm sure you've seen the posts and then the answer posts from the cousin causing drama.  Drama over a snow blower that he does not own nor did he pay a penny towards owning.  This snow blower in question is my Mom's. It was always kept in my cousin's garage across from my old house because we did not have a garage.  The deal was he would pay her half for it and well that deal never happened, he never gave her a penny of that half.  The second part of the deal was stored in his garage and both drive ways would get done.  That part of the deal is the only one that seemed to work, that is if it was my MOM who would go out and do the driveways because everyone knows my cousin was too lazy to do them!

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