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Friday, September 14, 2012

Julep Pinterest Color Challenge You Could Name The Next Color

Julep is hosting a Color Challenge on Pinterest. They are asking their fans and followers to pin images that inspire their favorite color. The top boards will be posted on Facebook for a vote. The highest voted board color will then be put into production and the winner being able to name the new color. How cool would that be, to have your very own nail polish color that you named? You can't win if you don't participate, so get to pinning!!

How does color inspire you?

Where do you look for inspiration? Fashion, nature, food, etc.

Pick a color and start pinning images that represent and bring color to life.

Tag your pinned images with #JulepColorChallenge #CreateYourJulepColor

Once your board is complete go here and fill out the entry form. 

Just follow the steps in the graphic below to get started.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Calling All Shoe & Fashion Accessory Lovers!

If you are a shoe and/or fashion accessory lover and have not joined Shoe Dazzle yet what are you waiting for? I've done a few orders from them and have been very happy with the shoes and boots I received. Actually the boots I ordered are my all time favorite boots to wear. It is FREE to sign up and create a profile. You don't have to purchase to keep your membership. There are NO monthly membership fees and you are only charged for what you order! How much better can that be? So head on over here and sign up for Shoe Dazzle, create your profile, and the let their stylist send you custom selections monthly!..

Disclosure: By clicking on the link posted you will be giving myself credit for referring friends and it will also enter me into the $500 Shopping Spree sweepstakes!
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