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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My HanesPink NBCF T-shirts Still Available To Purchase

National Breast Cancer Foundation
After skimming through my email I came across an email I received months ago.. it was from a representative from the National Breast Cancer Foundation thanking me for doing a blog post about the t-shirts I had designed. That my post helped spread awareness to their foundation and as a token of appreciation they emailed me a very sincere Thank You letter. I was blown away, to say the least, I am just a little small blogger in this huge world of blogging and my post made a difference! So in order to show my support I am yet again posting about the t-shirt designs for sale. My two designs are still in the HanesPink gallery for sale. The cost is a mere $18 + shipping. This is a SMALL price to pay to help out the National Breast Cancer Foundation... and to help a woman in need of care regarding breast cancer. The t-shirts are printed by Cafe Press. Cafe Press offers a wide array or payment options to suit everyone's need. PLEASE check out the links below and purchase one of my shirts! Even if you never wear it, you will be helping a foundation help someone else....

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