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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Good Deed That Made My Day

Every now and then someone comes along that just makes you feel, well, feel awesome! Recently I had a person like that come along and I'd like to share my story about her and how she went above and beyond and didn't have to!

As everyone knows I'm an avid sweepstakes person and also twitter party participant, which should be obvious because I do host a Twitter Party Calendar on my blog. I don't participate in every single party out there that I have posted on my calendar, but I do quite a few of them. I've won prizes and received them within days of winning and I've won prizes I had to constantly bug hosts over asking where they were. I've won small prizes like rubber bracelets, t-shirts, and snap bands and on the other end of the spectrum I've won large prizes like a tablet, laptop, and Sleep Number bed all from Twitter parties. Rarely do you come across a host that goes above and beyond when it comes to prizes, getting them to you, and fixing an issue if it is wrong. Most times you just have to choke on what you get and end of story (trust me I've had this happen and it's upsetting to expect one thing and get another)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daily Posts of Parties

I'm kind of taking a poll here... see, I, being the admin of the calendar get to set it to email me the daily agenda every morning at 6am! But, I can not add people for it to do that also.. but, what I can do is what would everyone think if before I went to bed at night I did a daily post of what's coming up party wise for the next day? If there are no parties there are no posts. That way if you were interested in a tag, you could view the calendar for more details? This would allow those that are subscribed via a reader or email to see a daily agenda every morning through your reader or email without having to hop on the calendar page every day to check. What does everyone thing? You can post a comment here, tweet me @UnKatchable73 or email if you wish kathyscalmtochaoslife (at)  I'd really like to get my subscription stats up (then I could get into more neat stuff to review and giveaway to all of you) and this would also create me having to do a daily post (which could also influence more cool reviews and giveaways) ....  Look forward to hearing everyone's feedback!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Indeed I Was First To Answer

It appears there was some controversy over my last Time To Play win on Wednesday. Of course the Wednesday twitter parties are always first answer.. and on first answers I always split my screens. Their parties are mostly search for an answer, but this past one was pick a prize. Within the list of pick a prizes was also the answers to all ten questions. So I split my screen half with Tweetdeck and the other half with Time To Play's website that listed the prizes, so I could just simply copy and then past into TweetDeck. If you want to win on first answer.. the last program to use is Tweetgrid. It lags and loads answer tweets before questions or skips tweets all together.. hence that seemed to be the issue. People on Tweetgrid seeing my answer before TTP's question even showed loaded... Hello this is a known issue why would you keep on using it if you know it's not loading tweets right away?? Good old fashion twitter or TweetDeck work wonders for first answer parties..  As proof that YES I answered AFTER the question was tweeted here is my justification to those people bitching, moaning, complaining... and by the way go get a life.. you can't win in every party. (Why is it a certain select group of people are always bitching when I win something? Jealousy is a bitch and karma will nip you in the butt three-fold..)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Twitter Parties & New Calendar

Hello Everyone!! Just a quick post to let everyone know the situation. as of July 1st, due to lack of resources, is NO longer updating their twitter party calendar. So on that note and a huge brainstorm I have added a Calendar to my blog page, which can be seen under Twitter Parties Tab on my home page.

Along with this calendar I have recruited some help and set preferences so some people can add, manage, change, and delete party info. I am also trying to work on a calendar that will allow one click link to take you to party page info, but for the mean time you will have to cut and paste website addresses to get onto RSVP or/and party info pages (I apologize for this, but out of my control right now)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Success with Sweeping & Twitter Parties

I've decided to share a little of what I've won over the past 10 months thanks to sweepstakes, instant win games, twitter RT contest, twitter contests in general, and twitter parties. I will later touch on the rules and regulations of some of these things and what my thoughts are on them...

In December of 2009 while signing into my PayPal account I noticed they had a snowflake game going on. So every night for a few nights in a row I would sign on and play the game. After about the forth night I signed in choose my snowflake and low and behold I won an iPod Touch 32GB. I honestly thought it was a fluke.  A few weeks later my Mother gets an over night delivery from UPS, see she had entered the Dawn Wildlife Sweepstakes and had won! She wasn't quite sure what to make of this letter asking her to have some papers notarized. We were skeptical at first until she later confirmed that she was indeed a 1st place winner in the Dawn Wildlife Sweepstakes and had won $1000! WOW I thought imagine if you could win like that all the time? Was it possible? If so how would I even begin? Honestly it never went any further than that.. I had no idea where to or how to find things to enter, so it slipped my memory for a few months.

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