Wednesday, September 7, 2011

$10 F.Y.E GC Giveaway - CLOSED

The winner drawn by Rafflecopter is.....

I've decided to just randomly give away a gift card. This one is worth $10 and is for F.Y.E. It can be used either online or in any store. I've made the giveaway simple - Follow my blog, follow me on twitter, like my Facebook page, and/or tweet a message.

Giveaway begins at 9/8/11 12:01AM EST and Ends 9/29/11 12:01AM EST

Wordless Wednesday 9/7

She couldn't see from the back so hopped in the front to wait for my Mom to come out with lunch

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Wedding - Jason & Tracy

This is my cousin Jason, he is my Mother's Youngest sister's oldest son. Him and I grew up together and we were more like brother and sister than like cousins. Yesterday, September 4th, Jason got married. I was conflicted by this wedding on whether or not to even go. I wanted to go, but then didn't want to go. See Jason's now wife, Tracy, and I used to be close also and something that I'm not even too sure on happened and she turned on me. Turned on me by telling everyone who asked why I wasn't at their parties that she wished I was dead and could F off. Yes, she said it numerous times. Hearing a rumor from one person you go hmmm and question it, but hearing the same thing from five different people who each hadn't known I talked to the other well now that is believable. I never knew what this was all about and when I questioned what is all this mess about Tracy ran and told my cousin that I attacked her in front of her family on her Facebook wall... ahhh no I sent her a private email and asked her. This was not an isolated incident, she has done this to others around Jason as well. But this put a wedge between me and my cousin for the last few years, a cousin I was so close to. So the day he told me he got engaged I didn't act happy or surprised, I just didn't know what to say. What do you say?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Caring for Zero

I have been up half the night with a sick dog. I think I've slept all of 1 1/2 hours before being woken up by Zero. She has that nasty hookah of a cough again.  She previously had caught kennel cough from some place (I think the ragg-a-muffin mut at dog school) and had to be rushed to the vet in the early AM on a Saturday morning in January or February, just to be loaded up with meds for a few weeks. Well it's that nasty cough that seems to be back on a smaller level. As I type this I am waiting for the Vet to get into their office at 8 AM. Not only does she have this cough but once she finally gets comfy enough to lay down and fall asleep she starts shaking like she is going into a seizure. This is not a fun night and not exactly how I expected my Friday morning to go, but it is what it is. I would stay up for days straight if it meant having to stay near my animals while they are sick. Matter of fact I don't think I slept a single night from the day Charity got hurt until six weeks after I had put her to sleep.

The look on poor Zero's face is just breaking my heart right now. She is laying behind me and every time I turn around to look at her I get that sad "help me Momma" face looking at me. She is so tired she is laying with her head stretched out into the air and you can see her eyes fighting to close. Then finally she lays her head down and falls asleep just to be followed by the shaking. It is such a struggle for her to get comfy right now and how this kills me to watch her like this.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being a Responsible Dog Owner

Well I am experiencing first hand what it is like to live in an apartment complex and within this complex dogs are allowed. Most people clean up after their dogs, but there are those select few that refuse to clean up after their dogs.  This problem is making a problem bigger. My neighbors two apartments down are ground level and can not even open their windows because of the smell of dog dodo. The office is well aware of who the culprits that do not pick up the poo are and have sent letters out to them telling them if they are asked one more time to clean up after their dogs they will then be asked to get rid of their dogs or to move. This just makes me sick to my stomach that people do this. Not only is it disgusting, but it's unhealthy. Who wants to smell dog poop all the time or even step in it. Yes, we've had the unfortunate experience of stepping in someone's dog poop because they didn't pick it up. So this whole little experience is the inspiration behind this post. Owning a dog gives you responsibilities, not just to feed the dog, make sure it's healthy, help it when it's hurt, but also cleaning up after it. Why do people NOT feel the need to clean up after their dog(s)? Why do people believe they are exempt from the pooper scooper law in NY? Yes again there is a law in NY for picking up your poop. If you are caught by an officer of the law not picking up your dog's doodoo, guess what you get a nice ticket with a nice hefty fat fine attached to it.

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