Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 10/12

Zero's Sleep Number is 40 also!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Funny - 10/7

Doesn't this just fit the theme of my most embarrassing post??

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 10/5

Finally On The Wall

Monday, October 3, 2011

Indeed I Was First To Answer

It appears there was some controversy over my last Time To Play win on Wednesday. Of course the Wednesday twitter parties are always first answer.. and on first answers I always split my screens. Their parties are mostly search for an answer, but this past one was pick a prize. Within the list of pick a prizes was also the answers to all ten questions. So I split my screen half with Tweetdeck and the other half with Time To Play's website that listed the prizes, so I could just simply copy and then past into TweetDeck. If you want to win on first answer.. the last program to use is Tweetgrid. It lags and loads answer tweets before questions or skips tweets all together.. hence that seemed to be the issue. People on Tweetgrid seeing my answer before TTP's question even showed loaded... Hello this is a known issue why would you keep on using it if you know it's not loading tweets right away?? Good old fashion twitter or TweetDeck work wonders for first answer parties..  As proof that YES I answered AFTER the question was tweeted here is my justification to those people bitching, moaning, complaining... and by the way go get a life.. you can't win in every party. (Why is it a certain select group of people are always bitching when I win something? Jealousy is a bitch and karma will nip you in the butt three-fold..)

Disney Movie Rewards & Disc Registration

I am an avid collector of the Disney Movies, mostly the classics, but when a new movie comes out that isn't of the animated series I am likely to buy it, such as the Pirates series or Secretariat. I've always collected Disney movies, I had a huge collection of VHS tapes that I sold to a friend who has a daughter with a disability so she could watch them. She is confined to a wheelchair and heck they were going to her. I sold the whole collection for a quarter of what I could have gotten for it with a major collector, but after all I wasn't out to make money. I honestly just wanted to convert my collection to DVDs. In doing so as one is released from the vault I'll go and buy it. Now with all the hype of them all being released on Blu-Ray I've started buying the newer releases on Blu-Ray. But with buying Disney movies comes Disney Movie Rewards and also disc registration.

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