Monday, April 30, 2012

Feed Your Dog The Very Best Natural Balance REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Everyone knows I love and adore my dog Zero. I've also made it my mission to feed her the very best food and treats that I could possibly afford. After reading about ingredients in dry dog food it began to scare me. I've changed her food from one to the other to another and saw little to no results as far as energy and also saw a lot of weight gain. This is a dog that should be bouncing off the walls most the time she is awake because she is a Boxer. Boxers love to run, play, and just be goofy! Which has been evident based on some of the pictures I post. Thanks to a twitter party I was introduced to a dog food company that I otherwise knew very little about. I had seen their products and used treats here and there, but didn't have a vast amount of knowledge on their pet foods. But thanks to that twitter party I learned a lot about their pet foods and now here I am to pass on that knowledge to my followers about this company.

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Apologies To My Followers

I'd like to apologize to my followers! I have gotten quite a few emails about how when viewing my blog on a mobile device (iPad, smart phone, tablet) that my site would throw you error after error and how the errors were discouraging. This has now been fixed! Little did I know there was a setting for mobile devices... thank you for understanding and Thanks for following Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life (sometimes I do hiccup)

Glass - The Best Nail File Ever! - REVIEW

I always try to keep my nails filed to the same length and having horses I tend to break a lot of them too. I go through those flimsy nail files way too fast. They always seem to dull out or come apart just when I need them most. What if I knew about a company that offered a product that was the total resolution to this nail file problem? Pssst here is the big secret - buy glass nail files. Glass nail files never go dull and are always reliable when you need them. They come in the same sizes as any other nail file you can find. Honestly, I prefer the glass ones now over the floppy paper-ish ones! So onto who makes the best glass nail files you'll ever need to buy and where you can buy them!

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