Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Everyday Shopping For Busy Women Infographic

This information was passed on to me by mygofer. It's an infographic relating shopping for the modern busy woman. I find it interestingly intriguing! Interesting to see where women spend their time daily and intriguing the amount of time spent! Keep in mind that in today's busy lifestyle mygofer.com is a service that can help you, the busy woman, get your every day shopping done from the comfort of your own home saving you time to do other important things!

Just An Update On Me

Well, seeing I've been posting a lot of reviews, offers, coupons, discounts, and giveaways I really haven't posted anything about me lately or Bailey for that matter.  Let me start with Bailey. He is gaining weight still, he has more to go.. but at least we are finally on the right path with him. His whole issue is when you turn him outside to run around and stretch his legs that is exactly what he does the ENTIRE time he is out! So he burns so many calories that I had to find something to feed more calories into him that would not make him hot and bonkers. Finally found a supplement, that has a lovely bubble gum scent to it, that promised to do just that; bulk him up while keeping him "cool". Hence the name of the stuff is Cool Calories 100. So far so good, he hasn't been on it long but you can already see the difference in the way he looks and how his coat is starting to shine. I think this week he's going to get a bath, goodness knows he surely needs one.

Monday, June 25, 2012

RoboForm - A Sweepstakes Lovers Best Friend - REVIEW & GIVEAWAY


As most of you know I enter a lot of sweepstakes online. It can be time consuming to go through site after site having to enter all of your personal information in or creating accounts and now you have to remember log in IDs and passwords. I think this pure fact alone is what drives people away from the world of online sweepstakes, it's very time consuming. Rest assured there is a resolution to save you time and energy all while managing log ins, passwords, and all of your information. RoboForm!! Roboform is a program you can run from a PC, Mac, Tablet, or mobile device that stores all of your information, log ins, and passwords. Hence costing you just one click to auto-fill your information for a sweepstakes rather than taking a minute or two to do so.

I've been using RoboForm now for close to two years to do my daily sweepstakes entries and with the assistance of this program I can get between 200-300 sweepstakes entries done in about two hours time. Of course, I've mastered my own system and everyone has their own way of doing things, but the program has saved me a great deal of time along the way. Not only do I use it for sweepstakes entry information but also for filling in my personal information for anything; whether it be to get a coupon for a free product or to log into my many different shopping accounts I have. Its main purpose is that of a password manager. I like knowing that I have an electronic version of my passwords stored. Did I mention stored where I can gain access to them every where I am?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

StyleUnited - Find Your Style While Staying In The Know

I was given access and the opportunity to join StyleUnited as part of a SheSpeaks campaign. I've spent the past day here and there going through the site, creating my profile, and reading other content. I wanted to get a good grasp on the site before writing this review and right now I feel like I can accurately give my opinion of the site in two words ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Prior to joining  StyleUnited I had no idea what exactly StyleUnited was other than seeing the name of it in blog post headlines that honestly I skimmed through, so right now I'm ever so grateful for this opportunity to review it.  To just give you, my loyal followers, a brief over view of what Style United is. It's a style site for women that allows you to create a profile based on your skin type, hair, make up style, and fashion likes then recommends products and items that suit your specifically, this quiz is called the Style 360. You can also read up on current trends, blogs, and view how to videos from industry leading experts.

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