Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dressing Up My Dog For Halloween!

Do you dress up your pets for Halloween? I know a lot of families do so and take their dogs with them while taking the kids trick-or-treating! I think it is great to include the family pet for Halloween. With all of the costume options our for pets now you can literally coordinate a group costume even including the family dog!! 

I've been dressing up my dogs for years. This year due to Zero having a doggie cold we didn't make it to our dog club's contest. We went for dinner, but left Zero at home because we didn't think it would be fair if she was sick to get the other dogs sick too. Last year Zero won the WLTC Halloween Dog Costume contest with the below costume. She was not happy to have it on as the pumpkin seems to irritate her.

In previous years I've dressed my dogs up as a Princess, Vampire, Witch, and Skunk! I have just as much fun thinking of what to dress the dogs up as as I do what should I be too! It's a lot of fun now that dog costumes are becoming more and more popular with a ton of options and size available. Below are some of my dogs and their costumes!

Have fun with your dogs on Halloween and dress them up to! They can make wonderful companions for walking with the kids while out trick-or-treating!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Personalized Candy Options Order In Time For Halloween

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas all coupled together with Football season make it the perfect time of the year to customize candy gifts and party favors. How can one customize candy you ask? Simple - My M&M's offers customers the option to customize M&M's with Halloween themes, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even your favorite NFL Team! Pick your color(s), then your image (if you choose one), and decide how you want your M&M's packaged! Buy them in bulk or choose from a wide array of packaging options.

Put a ghost, witch, or trick-or-treat on orange, black, and green M&M's for your children's Halloween parties to give out to their friends as favors. Host a Super Bowl party in February and have the two teams emblems put onto an order and set out for your guests to snack on or take home as a favor. There are so many options one can do with a personalized M&M's order the options are limitless. Take advantage of their current sale and get your order in today to insure delivery by 10/26/12, just in time for all of your Halloween Festivities! 

I personally love that M&M's has this option available. I've received personalized gifts like this in the past, have seen favors at Weddings. In celebration of the Buffalo Bills season this year I'm going to order some blue and red M&M's with their logo on them for a football game viewing party I'm planning during December. Win or Lose my guests are at least going to have an all time favorite snack to munch on. Once I start eating M&M's it seems I can't stop! I love the peanut ones more than anything else and if I had to choose one candy to eat the rest of my life, it would be Peanut M&M's. I also collect the dispensers, each year there seems to be a new one released and one of the packaging options is the dispenser. My friends have always thought my dispenser collection was pretty neat-o. The dispenser option will be my choice for my Bills order. 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amazon Halloween Shop Up to 60% Off Costumes For Adults & Kids

Every year we have multiply Halloween parties. One always includes kids and the others are for adults only, on top of charity events, and bar parties. Halloween is less than two weeks away and I have yet to decide what to be this year. I'm looking for different! I plan to Shop Amazon - Halloween Shop for up to 60% off costumes. I'm an Amazon Prime member, so this means which ever costume I decide to choose I can take advantage of the free two day shipping and get it quick. You too can get the costume you are looking for by shopping Amazon's Halloween Shop!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Twitter API Limit Changed Using Third Party Apps - Why We All Hit Twitter Jail In Parties

Anyone who does Twitter Parties knows you always have a back up account because on those busy party days and nights you get locked out of your main account by hitting your API limit or known to us party participants as "Twitter Jail". Twitter Jail is when you have reached your maximum tweet limit either for the day or for the hour. Twitter has these limits in place to help those behind the scenes manage services better.  As per Twitter's Support Information 

What happens if I hit a limit?
If you do reach a limit, we'll let you know with an error message telling you which limit you've hit. For limits that are time-based (like the direct messages, Tweets, changes to account email, and API request limits), you'll be able to try again after the time limit has elapsed.
The Tweet limit of 1,000 updates per day is further broken down into semi-hourly intervals. If you hit your account update/Tweet limit, please try again in a few hours after the limit period has elapsed.

I previously used to be able to do three big twitter parties an hour for three hours straight without hitting my API limit, but within the past month or so that has all changed. I can barely get through two parties an hour for two hours without hitting twitter jail mid tweet through the second hour. I've seen everyone's tweets saying wow how did I hit jail so fast, or I barely tweeted, twitter is being wonky. YES we've all hit "twitter jail" at one point and for those of you who are feeling like you can't get as many tweets in the past month before hitting that API limit I'm here to tell you that you are not crazy! You are indeed getting fewer tweets per hour and day when participating in parties using Tweet Chat or TweetGrid.

This lower API limit doesn't apply to those that use twitter directly for parties, tweeting, or those who use Tweet Deck. Why does Tweet Deck not fall under a third party application? Simple Anwer - Tweet Deck is owned by Twitter. This should explain why when you get the fail whale on Twitter's main site you also lose your feed on Tweet Deck.

Now for those of us who are veteran Twitter Party goers we use third party applications to track the hashtag, hosts, and chatter for the parties. These third party apps are what is lowering your API limit per day and/or hour. How is that you ask? Twitter has changed their policies regarding use of third party applications to tweet. This recently [month or so ago] change is what now is causing all of us to see all our fellow tweeps on their so called "jail" names mid way through any given party! TweetGrid, Tweet Chat, along with Hootsuite are all considered third party applications that when used to keep track of and/or keep up with anything on Twitter (including Twitter Parties) will cut your tweeting short!

Twitter's logic behind changing the API Limits for third party applications is to try and drive the traffic back to their main site or get more people involved in using Tweet Deck. Honestly, I use Tweet Deck daily because it is live stream of updates thanks to Adobe Air Technology. The use of Tweet Deck has also given me a quick on the trigger advantage in first answer or first so many answers parties and contest. I can normally get a RT or reply tweet in there before anyone else because of this live streaming ability of Tweet Deck. 

So there you have it the most asked Twitter question I keep seeing in the past month, why do I keep ending up in Twitter Jail so soon? Now you have an answer and we can all thank Twitter for lowering the third party applications API Limit! To me, this is nothing other than a #FAIL and selfish act on Twitter's behalf! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diamond Candles $5 Discount Good Until 10/31

Diamond Candles released yet another new Fall scent tonight! Enchanted Forest.. I couldn't wait to get my hands on. Sounded absolutely delightful for Fall.  With my purchase I was able to get another code for you, my followers, to purchase your own Diamond Candle - Click the link below to get your discount.

$5 Discount Off Diamond Candles Order Good Until 10/31
(These discount links are limited so make sure to do your order quickly)
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