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Zero's Journey To The #PerfectWeight Begins #ad

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight 10 Week Turnaround, but Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article

My dog Zero has officially become a couch potato. It wasn't until my best friend came over, walked in the door, and said “Oh My God what did you do to Zero she’s so fat!” Reality struck that I had a major issue on my hands. I convinced myself something was medically wrong with her and took her to the vet just for the vet and the blood work to reveal nothing, nada, zilch! She was just simply put – drastically over weight. I do mean drastic, she tipped the scale at 94 lbs. This is a Boxer, she is a little stocky to begin with, but 94 lbs is just out of control.  Zero’s Perfect Weight is 70- 75 lbs.  At 20 lbs overweight I began to worry about her hips, joints, and legs all bearing this extra burden. Boxers already have issues; this was just contributing to them unnecessarily.

Zero - outside on the Patio
The biggest factor that contributed to her becoming so overweight was me taking for granted I have a big back yard and if I let her outside with Dylan they would exercise themselves. Dylan exercises himself while Zero just stands on the patio like a queen watching over her kingdom. I really thought she’d be more active, but apparently the yard bores her when you aren't out there with her.  She is trained in obedience, rally, and agility and a plain backyard to a dog who used to be so busy is just not cutting it. My working long hours during the day was another factor. I kept saying OK tomorrow we will set up the jumps, tomorrow a walk, tomorrow the dog park… well… tomorrow never came until today! Today, being this past Sunday, is when Zero's journey began by transitioning her to Hill's® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Adult Dry Dog Food. 

Thanks to Hill's Pet Zero will be participating in the 10 Week Turnaround Challenge. Over the course of the next 10 weeks you will be able to follow her progress as the mission becomes to get Zero back to her Perfect Weight. I had to think what the agenda would be going forward. She has too much extra weight to go back to agility classes, as the jumping, running, and climbing might pose a harm to her health and wellness. The 10 week plan will will start with weekly trips to the water treadmill. She always did well on the water treadmill in the past, so if it worked in the past we are going to definitely try it again! We are also trying to fit into one of the obedience refresher classes at our dog club, until the weather breaks and I can put the agility equipment out in the yard and go for walks.

Logo courtesy of Hill's Pets

Putting Zero on this journey was one of the easier decisions to make due to the fact 70% of cats and dogs who used Science Diet Perfect Weight lost weight within 10 weeks.  Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Dry Dog Food offers 100% precisely balanced nutrition, a breakthrough blend of natural ingredients, and prebiotic fibers for gentle digestion. Healthy weight adds to quality of life and life expectancy. 

The best thing you can do for your pet’s health is feed proper nutrition every day. The Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Formulas are available at your vet or favorite pet specialty store. Products, including Perfect Weight Dry Cat Foot and Perfect Weight Small & Toy Breed Formula are also available from Pet360, with an additional discount for Autoship. 

Zero's Week 1 Photos  

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blog Paws Pet Bloggers Social Media Survey Results

Blog Paws conducted a survey regarding Pet Bloggers and what their thoughts are regarding social media behavior across multiple platforms.  The results of the survey are displayed on the infographic below. 

'Pet Bloggers on Social Media

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Infographic courtesy of Blog Paws

If you're a Pet Blogger or even a Lifestyle Blogger, such as myself, who posts about your pet(s), do you fit within these survey results? Do you agree with the percentages? I know I do on many of the categories except for brings the most traffic. My traffic numbers mostly come from Twitter. Of course that is easily explainable based on the Twitter Party Calendar hosted on my site. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zero's Winter Adventures - Destination SHED

To make a long story short the following will be simplified with videos and photos of Zero's latest winter adventures!

View from my back porch. Snow isn't very deep at this point, the dogs can freely run through the yard and walk around with no issues. See said shed - let's remember this shed as it's a focal point for this adventure.

It had snowed a little, OK a lot more than just a little it was more like a foot more. This deep snow didn't deter Zero one bit from her agenda while outside. After I had shoveled off the patio and a path along the entire back of the house Zero still decided these spots weren't good enough. She was determined to get into the back of the yard by aforementioned shed. See, her favorite potty spot is any place around this shed. In front of, on side of, or behind of as long as it's by the shed. She paced the back of the house and that patio just looking for the perfect opportunity to take the leap!

Below video is Zero's determination to get back there. She found the tiniest of tiny spots to leap into and over a three foot snow bank, around the dog house, and get along the fence - Destination - SHED!

Now that you've seen her determination to get through snow that is pretty much as high as half of her height let me bring into the adventure the next factor. Another snowfall of a good 6-7 inches, an 11 PM at night need to go potty, and Zero's new found "path to the shed". She got herself up through that snow bank, around the dog house and walked down that fence line. Problem being is she was now stuck back there in the deep snow with this look on her face like "are you coming to get me". Did I mention it was 11 PM at night?  There I found myself mumbling words I'd much rather not post while putting on my boots, heavy jacket, gloves, and going to get the snow shovel.  After getting 3/4 of the way back to her now creating a "doggie path" from the back porch to that, now landmark, shed she decided she could jump through deep snow! 

See below - said path that was created at 11 PM at night. You can't even see the shed in the picture because it was pitch black outside! 

Oh my girl Zero! How I obviously would do anything for you!

Now we have a doggie path that goes back to the favorite potty spot and Zero is happy to walk down it, and well... she runs up it from the shed to the back door. Below picture is from this past Saturday. As you can see the snow is getting deeper and deeper as the sides of the path are now higher than she is tall! Thank goodness for me and my shovel! 

Saturday morning I had to work and came home from work during a clipper that dumped a quick foot of snow on us in approximately four hours.  I honestly don't know what was worse. Having to shovel my way into the driveway to get my car into it OR digging Zero out of the back of the yard..AGAIN!!  By now the path to the shed was no longer what she wanted. She wanted to go up along the very back of the fence. After I cleaned the newly fallen snow off the path one more time I then had to create a new path to go get to her(I'm feeling a little Ground Hog Day at this moment)... she got back there, turned around, but sure  as heck couldn't get back out! 

I've dug my car out, my Mom's car out, my driveway out, my friend's cars out, a fire hydrant, a mailbox, and even a spot for my garbage can... I can honestly say I've never had to dig my dog out of the snow until now! I sit here thinking to myself that I should just write a book called The Adventures of Zero. It would surely be a best selling comedy. I get asked at work almost on a daily basis what did Zero get herself into now. They find it funny and amusing her daily adventures!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas From KCTCL

Wishing all of our Fans and Followers a safe and very Merry Christmas!

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