Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 1 of Loading

Yesterday was Day One of loading the UHaul truck.  It was just a hassle getting the truck to be honest.  We were shuffled around from office to office and finally one lady was kind enough to us and found the 26ft truck we needed. She had it moved over to the location closer to where we are now.  Of course I didn't go to pick it up, my Mom and cousin Justin did.  Oh yeah they were hassled at the location picking it up, stating it had to be back by 4pm tomorrow (which is today) My Mom argued NO, there is a confirmation letter for returning the 2nd or 3rd.  He demanded she bring it down there, so right now that is where she is.... I tell you the customer service at UHaul has been horrible, the people have been so mean... and this is a company that is know for good CS.

Day 1 - we didn't even begin to load the truck until after 7pm and at first it was no one but me loading it.  Yes that made me very bitchy, snappy, and I just wanted to choke anyone who crossed my path.  How could I, alone, get this truck loaded? I had to get my snow blower and mower over to a friends garage and pick up an appliance dolly, but I could leave. It put me in a bad position.  I snapped at everyone in my path.  Finally my cousin's two boys came over, they are 16 and 12, to help... they were a great help so of course we got pizza and wings to eat.  They went back across the street (see my cousin Justin and his girlfriend Katrina live directly across the street from me with their 4 children) This was about 10pm we finally ate. I kept on loading boxing and unhooked computers, pulling cable lines, moving things closer to the door and about 11pm my cousin himself finally came over and here his two boys were with him again. Needless to say we loaded stuff until 1:30am! My neighbors were really good about it, but if they were to bitch anyways I could always throw in their face about how they are always up making a rukus at 3am!

I have yet to take my bed apart, which is coming very shortly.  I just wanted to do a quick post on Day 1 of the loading - now onto the next Day 2 of loading and moving to the new temporary place until all this works out with the short sale house!

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