Monday, June 13, 2011

Well World Here I Am!

I finally did it!! YES, my blog is up and running.

Let me just tell everyone a little bit about myself, well more about myself.  Some of you have come to know me quite well.  So here goes.... For starters .. my name is Kathy
and I'm 37 years old. I've never been married, nor do I really care to ever be, but do have a boyfriend. Whom I mention now and then. I kind of keep him private because he doesn't like to be talked about "over the internet" as he puts it - paranoia who knows! My biggest hobby is sweepstakes and twitter parties. Over the course of my ramblings I'll mention sweepstakes, twitter parties, and mention the things I've won. I won't post any links for sweeps, but will direct you to the few bloggers I know that are awesome at keeping you up to date with new sweepstakes are out and will also point you in the right direction of bloggers who do great giveaways and twitter parties galore! Eventually I will get into reviewing things, for of course giveaways, but I need to build a following on my blog before I do so.

I currently live in Buffalo, NY, yes I am right in the city and also preparing for a move. I am moving north, more towards Niagara Falls.  Actually my zip code will be Niagara Falls, but I will really be in a small town called Wheatfield, NY.  I am looking forward to this move and also am anxious to get a close date on the house.  During all the moving and excitement of finally buying a house I will be blogging about it.  I plan on blogging the before and after updates of the remodeling that will be going on with this house.  See the house is a short sale, we are getting it for pretty much half of what it is on the tax roll for, BUT it needs some love.  It needs some paint, some walls fixed, new carpets in rooms, landscape love, and the pool looks like a swamp right now.  (Did I mention it has an inground pool?) Along the way of all this excitement I am going to attempt to get some reviews of home improvement products to share with all of you, because after all my plan was to be a review blogger - well, now I think I'll do both just normal blogging and review blogging once I gain a good following.

Let me see more about me, I have two horses - ChancedByPrinziple aka LILY. Lily is my baby, I owned her Mother, Charity, who I lost 3 years ago due to an unforeseen injury (this will be a post all on it's own one day), it is still rather hard to post about Charity and what I went through when she was hurt, so will leave that to another time.  My other horse is Majestic Secret aka BAILEY.  This is my big buddy, he is also a Grandson of the legendary and immortal Secretariat! YES I will scan his papers so everyone can see that I am telling the truth along with post some pictures of my two big babies.  I showed horses since I was 13 years old.  I've shown every type of event from jumping, to western, to barrel racing and in time will also share some of my accomplishments with my horses.  Due to an accident in 2005 I have not been able to ride, I have a left lateral herniation in L4/L5 that has the left side nerve canal almost closed off.  All of my doctors are in agreement that riding is a no no unless the horse is calm. Calm, really? Not my Bailey he has to get his bucks out when you first get on him... so no riding or at least not for now! So let me introduce Lily on the top and Bailey on the bottom. More about Bailey can be seen at

I also have dogs.  Boxers to be exact and talk about them quite a bit. I love my dogs and would go to all lengths to protect them or help them.  Lucy is my 9 year old female brindle boxer.  She is a freak, for some reason she has been petrified of people since she was a puppy, but is friendly with other dogs.  She is also a nervous jerk most of the time.  She loves to be petted and has a special bed because she is getting old and needed the support of memory foam. This is LUCY -

Next we have Zero. Zero is my pride and joy and let me just tell you I never imagined having a dog that would make me so happy and love me so much. Sometimes I swear she is a human in a dog's body or at least she acts like she is partly human at times.  Dogs can understand on average 200 words, not Zero she understands triple that amount not to mention she thinks.  She problem solves things, she is very very smart.  I take Zero to agility training on Saturday mornings.  We are a little over a year into her training and were supposed to be at a dog show this past weekend, but with all the chaos of getting ready to move I just didn't have the time to get her properly prepared for the agility trial.  Zero is a female purebred solid white Boxer. She is a love bug to people, but not very social to other dogs.  Her best friend is a black kitten we have named Booty (more on him later) and here is ZERO

Now for the third dog in the trio, my 10 month old puppy Dylan.  Dylan doesn't exactly fit into the Boxer theme of things in this house judging by his looks, but I assure you he is 1/2 boxer.  For some reason out of the four puppies in his liter he is the only one that does not have a single boxer characteristic regarding his looks.  His daddy was a boxer and his mommy is a black lab... he is lovey dovey boy! He just needs to go to obedience class and learn some manners. Here he is, DYLAN
And finally we have Booty! Booty was just a kitten, maybe 4 weeks old and one cold February day he took up residence on my porch. I felt horrible for this tiny little kitten who was just friendly as could be. I checked his eyes and gums, he looked healthy, so I brought him in the house.  He has a good life now here with us, he is the loviest cat I have ever had. He follows me around the house like he is my shadow. Of course I think he thinks he is part dog because his best friend is none other than Zero. Booty got his name because if you were near him he would bite you in the booty! And he used to respond to calling him Puss N Boots.. so Booty or Boots is what we call him! This is BOOTY

So all and all that is my Zoo - oh yeah I left out one animal. I also do have a Rose Hair Tarantula named Cooper! Her cage sits on a stand right next to my desk! She really is nothing to freak out over, crickets and water and this spider is a happy camper.  She started out as a gag joke for my old boss who is petrified of spiders and somehow I ended up bringing her home and putting her into a real cage, instead of the coffee can at the office.  I admit, I was scared of her at first, but now if I talk to the side of the cage she will come walking out. After four years of having a big spider next to your desk one tends to get comfortable around them...  Let me introduce the final member of the animal kingdom here COOPER

Until next time ... 


  1. Congratulations!!! Woo Hoo!! :D Maybe, you can help me sometime? I hope ur blog is a very successful one!!! :D XOXOXO Paula PS. Created on my BIRTHDAY!! YEEPIE!!!

  2. Thanks Paula!! Happy Birthday! Belated that is :)


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