Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Everyday Shopping For Busy Women Infographic

This information was passed on to me by mygofer. It's an infographic relating shopping for the modern busy woman. I find it interestingly intriguing! Interesting to see where women spend their time daily and intriguing the amount of time spent! Keep in mind that in today's busy lifestyle mygofer.com is a service that can help you, the busy woman, get your every day shopping done from the comfort of your own home saving you time to do other important things!

Just An Update On Me

Well, seeing I've been posting a lot of reviews, offers, coupons, discounts, and giveaways I really haven't posted anything about me lately or Bailey for that matter.  Let me start with Bailey. He is gaining weight still, he has more to go.. but at least we are finally on the right path with him. His whole issue is when you turn him outside to run around and stretch his legs that is exactly what he does the ENTIRE time he is out! So he burns so many calories that I had to find something to feed more calories into him that would not make him hot and bonkers. Finally found a supplement, that has a lovely bubble gum scent to it, that promised to do just that; bulk him up while keeping him "cool". Hence the name of the stuff is Cool Calories 100. So far so good, he hasn't been on it long but you can already see the difference in the way he looks and how his coat is starting to shine. I think this week he's going to get a bath, goodness knows he surely needs one.

Monday, June 25, 2012

RoboForm - A Sweepstakes Lovers Best Friend - REVIEW & GIVEAWAY


As most of you know I enter a lot of sweepstakes online. It can be time consuming to go through site after site having to enter all of your personal information in or creating accounts and now you have to remember log in IDs and passwords. I think this pure fact alone is what drives people away from the world of online sweepstakes, it's very time consuming. Rest assured there is a resolution to save you time and energy all while managing log ins, passwords, and all of your information. RoboForm!! Roboform is a program you can run from a PC, Mac, Tablet, or mobile device that stores all of your information, log ins, and passwords. Hence costing you just one click to auto-fill your information for a sweepstakes rather than taking a minute or two to do so.

I've been using RoboForm now for close to two years to do my daily sweepstakes entries and with the assistance of this program I can get between 200-300 sweepstakes entries done in about two hours time. Of course, I've mastered my own system and everyone has their own way of doing things, but the program has saved me a great deal of time along the way. Not only do I use it for sweepstakes entry information but also for filling in my personal information for anything; whether it be to get a coupon for a free product or to log into my many different shopping accounts I have. Its main purpose is that of a password manager. I like knowing that I have an electronic version of my passwords stored. Did I mention stored where I can gain access to them every where I am?

Become An Avon Representative - Apply Today

Whether you're entering the workforce, returning after the kids are grown, or just want to be your own boss, becoming an Avon Independent Sales Representative offers unlimited opportunities. Even if you've never sold a product before, you can do it - with Avon. As the world's leader in anti-aging skincare, fragrances and color cosmetics, we make it easy for you to sell and succeed, right away. Avon is a proven path to success for millions of Representatives around the world, from all ages, cultures and walks of life.

Ready to get started? Apply now and you will be contacted shortly

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

StyleUnited - Find Your Style While Staying In The Know

I was given access and the opportunity to join StyleUnited as part of a SheSpeaks campaign. I've spent the past day here and there going through the site, creating my profile, and reading other content. I wanted to get a good grasp on the site before writing this review and right now I feel like I can accurately give my opinion of the site in two words ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Prior to joining  StyleUnited I had no idea what exactly StyleUnited was other than seeing the name of it in blog post headlines that honestly I skimmed through, so right now I'm ever so grateful for this opportunity to review it.  To just give you, my loyal followers, a brief over view of what Style United is. It's a style site for women that allows you to create a profile based on your skin type, hair, make up style, and fashion likes then recommends products and items that suit your specifically, this quiz is called the Style 360. You can also read up on current trends, blogs, and view how to videos from industry leading experts.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

$250 Summer Wardrobe Giveaway

Welcome to the $250 Summer Wardrobe Giveaway! 

AĆ©ropostale is a mall-based, specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories. AĆ©ropostale provides customers with a focused selection of high-quality, active-oriented, fashion and fashion basic merchandise at compelling values. Products can be purchased in-stores and online at Aeropostale.com and ps4u.com.   

You can find exclusive Aeropostale Coupons and discounted gift cards on CouponTrade.com, your only source for both! Now you finally have a way to stack your savings in a whole new way!!!

CouponTrade also offers you the opportunity to sell unused Gift Cards! And if you do, you will earn 50 bonus entries in the giveaway! So Sell those Gift Cards and earn your entries today.

Great! Now log you entries in the Rafflecopter form below and don't forget to come back for your daily entries!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life Birthday Bash Ring Giveaway

Winner #1
Winner #2
 Winner #3
Winner #4

 Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life just celebrated our ONE year Birthday! YES hard to believe we are one year old already! Wow how time flies. As a special treat I am offering up a Birthday Bash Ring Giveaway! There are no flaming special hoops to jump through to enter the giveaway all you need to do is simply enter through the rafflecopter widget.(easy peasy right?)

Now for the BONUS! Once entries go over 100 I will add another ring to the giveaway! You read that right... a SECOND ring! That in turn will create two winners. If entries hit 300 I will throw in a third ring with three winners! First winner picked will get their choice, Second winner their choice, third winner the last ring!  Encourage all your friends and family to enter the giveaway. The more entries the more rings will be given away! The Rings that are given away will be at my discretion and all of which are costume jewelry, but are beautiful pieces none the less.

Up for grabs is Ring One - it is a size 8, has crystals in the band, a yellow stone, and is gold plated. This is a beautiful costume jewelry ring. 

We've reached 100 entries! Here is the second ring I am throwing into the giveaway it too is a Size 8 silver tone band with princess cut crystal and crystals down the one side! Hope you like this one

We are now over 300 entries and without further delay here is the third ring! It's a size 7 Silver Band with marquis yellow crystal and gold tone around it. Very pretty!

We went over 500 entries and as promised here is the 4th ring! I believe it to be a size 6.5-7. Silver Tone Band with large green stone and gold around the stone along with green stones down one side!

Giveaway will run from 6/15/12 until 7/2/12 (My Real Life Birthday)
Good Luck Everyone! Help make our Birthday one to remember!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

$1.00 off two (2) Cesar Cookie Crunchies

$1.00 off two (2) Cesar Cookie Crunchies

Join Alamo Insiders For Free and Save 10% or More

Summer vacations are just around the corner, and Alamo is offering exclusive deals when you sign up to be an Alamo Insider! Join free today and from now on the best deals come to you. Plus, you can bank on special privileges like a 10% or more member discount on every rental, and self-service kiosks that get you on the road to vacation faster than ever. Whether your next escape is one week or months away, Alamo’s got exclusive deals for you

Earn With Jingit

It’s a Win-Win With Jingit, you can earn real cash instantly for watching ads online, checking in and shopping for select products at your favorite stores, or even for giving your feedback to leading brands by taking brief surveys. In return, those brands get your attention! 

Jingit is a real cash in real time site. They are working with large brands like, Kraft, Elmer’s and Walmart, and Kraft Fighting Hunger Together.
It’s a snap to start - 

  1. Simply sign in with your existing Facebook account
  2. Then complete the 30 second registration process
  3. Start earning. 

No social security numbers are required and Jingit will not sell or share your personal info. Earn online by watching videos, giving feedback, and earn instant cash. It really is that easy. So any time you see an ad with the Jingit logo online (at Jingit.com or on their partners’ sites) click on it! That ad pays you! 

Earn on the Go the same content and earning that takes place online takes place on your smart phone or tablet. Plus, you can download our app and earn even more by checking in at your favorite stores. Spend instantly with the Jingit Visa Debit Card. Your cash is safer than ever, with Jingit’s trusted financial partner US Bank. The Jingit Visa Debit Card is easy and affordable, it also allows you to track your spending! 

Walmart is inviting customers to join the fight against hunger. You can help provide meals to families in need by purchasing select products in Walmart stores or by visiting Walmart's Facebook page to vote for one of 200 communities to receive $1 million to fight hunger. Walmart will also give $50,000 to 20 communities with the next highest amount of support. Currently videos for Planters, Mio, and Jello 

Quiznos Father's Day Coupons!

Treat your Dad to an awesome Quiznos Sub this coming weekend! Get Free Small Sub with purchase of any sub of equal or greater value and a large Fountain Drink $1 Off a Regular Sub or Large Salad, or $2 Off a Large Sub

Nik Wallenda Walks Into History Across Niagara Falls - Live Feed and Links

Today, the 15th of June 2012 Legendary tight rope walker Nik Wallenda will attempt to walk into history by being the first person to walk a rope clear across Niagara Falls. The hype around this event has been unprecedented! International news stations are here, a circus atmosphere has been set up, laws in two countries had to be changed! Being I can see the mist from the falls from my bathroom window I've decided to let all those that can't be here in person to see the walk know about the live feed and links for the event. The event itself starts tomorrow and runs all day, however Nik's walk won't take place until 10:15pm EST at night! YES that's right he is walking at night! Due to ABC's restrictions Nik will be wearing a safety harness while performing his walk. ABC will also have an Ariel camera over his head to record and shuttle live feed around the world. This is an exciting time for this area and is sure making Niagara Falls look good! Also, it is all great for publicity and tourism. Only a certain number of people are allowed (you had to get a bracelet) onto the island to see the walk with their own two eyes. Everyone else will have to watch on large screen TVs that have been strategically placed all over the area for viewers to watch. I, myself, have no idea where I'll be watching it. I would love to be down with the crowds and the hype, but the parking is wacky. The city is parking people seven miles away for free and then you have to pay $5 to take the shuttle down to the state park.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Turned ONE Today!

Happy Birthday to Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life - Today we are 1 Year Old!!

Picture credit goes to Abrahamsara.com

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Canvas People Gifts For Grads Includes Shipping

Both High School and College Graduations are in full force right now. Making capturing a memorable moment almost a most! Once you capture that perfect Graduation moment have it put onto a 16 x 20 Canvas. Canvas People now have two great offers going on for Grads! 11 x 14 Canvas for $30 or 16 x 20 for $39. Both offers include shipping. Creating a canvas couldn't be any easier. All you have to do is upload a photo, select your size, do any touch-up, and Boom you're done! Make sure to get in on this offer while it's still available!

Diabetes Clinical Study

I'm a Type II Diabetic so I had to share this with my followers! Diabetes Clinical Study is actively recruiting for Type 1 & Type 2 Trials. Earn up to $1000 Compensation Get Free Medical Care & Supplies. Let's help find a cure for Diabetes once and for all!

Honest Company FREE Discovery Kit Or Home Essentials $4.95 Shipped

The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan! Its sole purpose of creation was to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start. Within the Honest Company, you will find Products that take care. Products that exceed expectations. Products guaranteed to not only satisfy, but also delight. We are relentless in the pursuit to be attentive to every detail.

Honest Company is now offering a FREE trial of their Diapers and Wipes or Home Essential Kits. All you pay is $4.95 shipping. You are under no obligation and can cancel at any time for any reason with no questions asked. 

  • Simple go here
  • Fill out the 3 page questionaire
  • Choose your Discovery Kit
  • Pay the $4.95 Shipping and Handling*

* With your free Discovery Kit you will become enrolled as a MEMBER of The Honest Company. You have 7 days following receipt of your Discovery Kit to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. We will remind you several times about your membership options. If you choose to not cancel your membership, you will be charged $79.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Diapers, or $35.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Family Essentials.

Win A Firepit From Duraflame Ends 8/31/12

Enter Duraflame's All Fired Up For Summer Sweepstakes runs until 8/31/12 and is a one time entry! Open to all 50 States, must be 18+. One winner a month will be chosen to win a FirePit and 24 bundles of Duraflame Roaster Logs.

You can enter here
Rules are here

SugarSync 5GB FREE Storage Offer

Have you ever lost your pictures, music, or documents due to a virus or lost phone? Now you don't have to worry about that. SugarSync is offering FREE 5GB of storage. You can now sync all your devices, including mobile ones, and store them for safe keeping. SugarSync is an instant and online safe storage area that allows you to access your date any time and any place! All you simply have to do is sign up of Sugar Sync, download your FREE 5GC Storage, and then Sync your devices! What could be more simple? Click on the picture to the left to learn more about SugarSync and claim your FREE 5GB of storage!

BlogHer '12 Sponorship

I wish I was going to BlogHer '12

Last year I had the opportunity to go to San Diego for BlogHer '11, but had just moved July 1st and couldn't exactly get away from the house, even just for a few days. However, this year BlogHer '12 is right in New York City. I'm only seven hours away by car! Seeing it's so close just the thought of it gives me goosebumps and the want to go. Before I know it August and the Conference will be here. I would absolutely love to go and represent your company, brand, or logo. My plan is to live tweet and live blog from the conference. 

Event Info: BlogHer '12 Conference
Date: Aug 2 - Aug 4
Place: Hilton New York - Avenue of Americas
Conference Pass Cost: $298   
Other Costs: Hotel, Gas, Parking, Food, Misc Clothing                                                          

I am open to offers and ideas regarding sponsorship of Kathy's Calm To Chaos Life attending the BlogHer '12 Event. Please send offers and/or ideas to kathyscalmtochaoslife@gmail.com

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Virtual Shopping With mygofer.com + Twitter Party

Computers and technology have brought us the ability to shop from home. Shopping from home is already a nice luxury - not having to deal with crowds, lines, waiting, or even taking your kids shopping with you.  But now, a new service has layered on even more convenience. Let me introduce you to my new shopping service of choice mygofer.com. mygofer can literally be viewed and treated as your virtual assistant. You can use the service to purchase anything up to and including groceries, meat, and even pet products. YES groceries!! I don't know about you but the thought of being able to buy groceries and pet products from the ease my own home is a huge turn on to me! The luxury of using the mygofer service is that you can order things you need "now" which can be picked up at Kmart store locations or you can have the items delivered right to your doorstep with a wide array and range of delivery choices.

mygofer offers different types of  tools and rewards to save you both time and money!  Does this service sound awesome to you or what? I've had a previous experience with the mygofer service ordering paper towels that they had on sale. It was the quickest, simplest, easiest online order and in person pick up I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I was also alerted via a text message that my order was ready to be picked up, so there was no wasted gas or time waiting at the store for it to be ready... just go and get it when that text comes through. Now that I live on an island that has tolls coming onto it, I like to utilize my time off the island and get all my errands done in one shot. The mygofer.com service allows me to plan my time appropriately and eliminates me going on and off this island paying the toll each time. Just one trip and I'm done! Order, wait for the text, and go!

Now that I've told you about the mygofer service it's time to get to the best part of all! mygofer has teamed up with Tweeparties to host a twitter party. The topic will be Pets and how mygofer can simplify buying pet products you need every day so that you can spend more time with your dog, cat, or whatever pet you might have. From curbside pick up to delivery right to your door step! They will be giving away gift cards both before and after the party. Party Details are:

Date: Wednesday June 6, 2012
Time: 9PM EST
Hashtag: #mygofer #PetTime

As an added bonus there will be a $50 mygofer.com e-gift card given away to one person who tweets out the party information. 

Make sure you are following your hosts and the panel of pet enthusiasts! Bring your questions about mygofer to the party and get ready to talk about your pets!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and also for being a panelist for the #MyGofter #PetTime Twitter Party. This post is of my own words

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