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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Move - Literally Calm to Chaotic

**warning this post may contain explicit language**

Where to begin, I suppose at the beginning.  A month ago we rented a PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) and had it placed on the front lawn.  This gave me a month to go through the basement and decide what was going into this POD and why it should.  All of the outdoor Christmas and Halloween decorations went into it, along with every single Christmas decoration/tree/wrapping paper in the house.  I also put winter clothes, a fire pit still in the box, outdoor summer decorations, patio chairs and umbrella, the one dog crate, along with misc other boxes that weren't going to get used or missed if they were in the PODS for a few months.  Originally thinking was the PODS would only be needed for a few months until we got the close date on the short sale house.  Again, original thinking this was...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moving to Not Moving to Moving again

Where do I begin? Everyone knows we are in the middle of the very slow process of buying a short sale. Why we are stuck on this particular house, I'll let you know why.  It is a one floor home, 2000 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, built in shelves in the kitchen, living room with wood burning fireplace, family room with gas burning fireplace, 2.5 car garage, with an inground pool. Our last trip through I should have taken some pictures for all to see, but I was far too busy trailing my friend Kenny through the house because he was sort of doing an "inspection", maybe he would see things we didn't.  He too said the house was solid as a rock, saw nothing major other than cosmetic work and also suggested a new furnace, which is what the bank holding the short sale suggested also.  It was a process just to get the loan, the bank demanded cash or a FHA 203K rehab loan.  These loans basically let you do your remodeling and tag the cost onto the top of the loan.  So there is no second loan/mortgage with a super high interest rate on the house, it is all bundled into one. The furnace alone is approx $5000, the outside needs to be scraped and painted, a few rooms painted, some windows resealed, and the pool opened and cleaned. We figure about $10,000 in work, but considering that this house is on the tax rolls for $160k and we are getting it for a little over half of that, the 10 grand in work won't matter.. it will make it all that much more better!

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