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Monday, June 13, 2011

Well World Here I Am!

I finally did it!! YES, my blog is up and running.

Let me just tell everyone a little bit about myself, well more about myself.  Some of you have come to know me quite well.  So here goes.... For starters .. my name is Kathy
and I'm 37 years old. I've never been married, nor do I really care to ever be, but do have a boyfriend. Whom I mention now and then. I kind of keep him private because he doesn't like to be talked about "over the internet" as he puts it - paranoia who knows! My biggest hobby is sweepstakes and twitter parties. Over the course of my ramblings I'll mention sweepstakes, twitter parties, and mention the things I've won. I won't post any links for sweeps, but will direct you to the few bloggers I know that are awesome at keeping you up to date with new sweepstakes are out and will also point you in the right direction of bloggers who do great giveaways and twitter parties galore! Eventually I will get into reviewing things, for of course giveaways, but I need to build a following on my blog before I do so.

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